About Us

The Chicago Inquirer is a vibrant independent newspaper established for the articulation of current issues in a fair and lucid manner, and the presentation of news with accuracy and balance. It shall inquire into the increasingly significant issues of the day among the community it serves, raising questions and probing matters in-depth with a view to facilitating greater understanding among its core readership.

It is primarily concerned with the preservation of equal opportunity for all and the attainment and enhancement of the virtues of democracy and free enterprise.

Founded on August 1, 2003, this paper in the pursuit of democratic virtues and advocacy of libertarian values, supports the right to self determination, economic sufficiency, social, and cultural progress and the mutual respect and cooperation among all peoples within and outside the community it serves.

Attention has been called to the historical dislocations and social disconnect which had in turn fostered a gaping void between African immigrants and African Americans. Since it is committed to the promotion of mutual cooperation among all people, The Chicago Inquirer shall strive to fills this void and eventually begin to bridge the gap by increasing the level of understanding between the two communities through its news coverage, features and editorials.

The Chicago Inquirer believes that government has a role to play in creating an enabling environment for its citizens to attain its potentials and minimize the pitfalls of free enterprise through judicious regulation that acknowledge the right of the less privilege and economically disadvantaged peoples in the society.

This paper’s dedication to the highest standards of objectivity makes it a mirror that reflects life through its bi-monthly publication in totality without fear or favor. The Chicago Inquirer will radiantly mirror the society in crisp language and clear style from all angles- politics, economy, culture, fashion, sports, art, religion, crime, affluence and the poor.